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Curtis is a product of a Midwestern upbringing coupled with a compulsion to express his creativity in multiple artistic venues.  His early works were considered brilliant, singular and raw.  Curt enrolled in photographic design at Baldwin-Wallace College where his professional talents came to light.  Working to polish these inherent natural abilities and salve his natural curiosity Curt began to independently study oil’s, watercolors and clay.  Computer aided art and design quickly followed and Curt explored the combination of traditional arts and technology. His efforts led to scholarships at Savannah College of Art and Design where he studied for two years.  
Not content to be confined by the walls of academia, Curt began contemplating the works and lives of the Masters leading to a brief stint in Paris to observe their art first hand.  Inspired Curt began to create in earnest for personal and public consumption and committed to a life of artistic endeavor.  His concentrated efforts have produced a new level of artistic achievement and growing following of admirers.  
Curt has taken up residence in New Orleans where the vitality and unique character of the city gives Curtis unequaled creative stimulation. Curtis uses New Orleans as a muse as he creates new works and plies his trade as a street artist. His lifestyle allows Curtis to remain close to the roots of many of his inspirations while he continues to refine his art and explore new methods for future works.   http://facebook.com/Curtis.Courtney.Art